Connamara Releases version 1.7 of QuickFIX for .Net

Connamara Systems, originator and maintainer of QuickFIXn has released version 1.7.0... More

QuickFIX/Go v0.3.0 Released

QuickFIX/Go v0.3.0 Released! Changes of note in this release: ValidateFieldsOutOfOrder config option Generation package now public API additions and enhancements Performance Enhancements Test Coverage A number of bug fixes See the Release Notes for a complete list of changes in v0.3.0. QuickFIX/Go will be released subject to Semantic Versioning. Major version zero (0.y.z) is for... Read more »... More

Printing output in cucumber’s after scenario hook

While enjoying the facets of Ruby and BDD with cucumber, you might come across a puzzling issue. There is a quirk with hooking after a scenario which may leave you wondering if your hook was even executed at all.... More